Writers Unite: A Community of Creatives

Since I have begun authoring this blog, attending writers’ workshops and conferences, submitting more of my works for possible publication, and working on my novel, I have been amazed at the outpouring of support, encouragement, and advice I have received from fellow writers–as well as how much their faith in me has motivated me to really put myself out there. I am a fairly motivated and ambitious person anyway, but there have been many times the last several months when just that one person telling me to send an article there or write a piece for that publication made the difference between my considering doing something, and my actually doing it.

My talented brother-in-law designed the preliminary cover for my novel-in-progress. The logo for this blog and for the W.O.W Network are also his work.

I credit fellow blogger Millie Schmidt with encouraging me to continue my quest for novel completion and publication with her post The Big 5. I credit a dear friend for a piece of mine that ran earlier this week in The Richmond Times-Dispatch. She let me know the column was looking for submissions and encouraged me to submit–and then fueled my fire by telling me some of her own work had been accepted. I also credit her for the fact that a piece of mine is scheduled to run in the same publication, though in a different column, next month. I credit my incredibly talented sister, freelance writer Anne Shaw, and my fellow W.O.W Network blogger, Charlene Jimenez, as well as my willing interview subjects, Kris Spisak and Valley Haggard, for the fact that writeHackr plans in August/September to republish two interviews from this very blog (one here and one here). I also credit Charlene Jimenez for the existence of this blog, and for encouraging me to use wattpad as a platform for my novel-in-progress. Earlier this week, I began to publish chapters of the novel in serial form there, and this post is an invitation for you to join my ever-growing network of supporters, friends, and readers. I invite (implore, beg…whatever) you to read my novel as it appears on wattpad. If you like it, please follow it, vote for it, tell your friends about it, etc.

Thank you!