My Published Works

Hello! Thank you for taking an interest in reading my published works. Please click on the hyperlinks below to read a sampling of my writing available on-line.

In addition to maintaining Mind the Dog Writing Blog, I am a contributor at To read articles I have written related not only to writing, but also to life, life coaching, health and wellness, family, relationships, animals, teaching, etc., please visit my page by clicking here. My bio will be the first thing you see, and if you scroll down, you’ll find my various articles and essays. If you like what you read, please follow my page there, as well!

Various articles and essays on

Other Publications:

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie: The Best L.L. Bean Dog Beds for your Dog–article on

How Pet Insurance Covers Tumors in the Spleen–article on

Protecting Your Dog’s Health: Vaccination Schedule–article on

10 Little Workplace Changes That Impact Your Wellness–article on

The Holliest-Jolliest Christmas Pajamas for your Dog–article on

Low-Water Gardening for Dry Climates–article on The Hartford’s Extra Mile

10 Unique Towns to Retire to: Part 3–article on The Hartford’s Extra Mile

Out of Touch–essay on

Short piece in 9 Lives: The Life in 10 Minutes Anthology

Fly Away Home–essay in The Richmond Times-Dispatch

The Best Dog-Proof Trash Cans–article on

Finding peace in nature–essay in The Richmond Times-Dispatch

Two poems included in Our Virginia

When snow falls in Richmond–essay in The Richmond Times-Dispatch

Just spending time together can make a day special–essay in The Richmond Times-Dispatch

Nurturing Writers: An Interview with Author Valley Haggard–interview in writeHackr Magazine

The things I would miss if I slept in 90 minutes later–article in The Richmond Times-Dispatch

A little flexibility goes a long way toward happiness–article in The Richmond Times-Dispatch

8 Habits to Develop for Writing Success–article in writeHackr Magazine

Spider I: New Beginnings–a short musing on

Savor the Sweet–essay in The Richmond Times-Dispatch

For a Soldier–essay in The Richmond Times-Dispatch

Rescued–prose poem on

Finding marriage wisdom in a taxicab trip–essay in The Richmond Times-Dispatch

The moon was late to the party–essay in The Christian Science Monitor

The Roses–a poem in Cicada

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