My Published Works

Hello! Thank you for taking an interest in reading my published works. Please click on the links below to read a sampling of my writing available on-line. Alternatively, I invite you to view my writing portfolio on Contently.

You might also be interested in 9 Lives: The Life in 10 Minutes Anthologyin which one of my short creative non-fiction pieces appears, as well as in Our Virginia, a collection of poetry including two of my poems.

Freedom with Writing

Freedom with Writing is a resource for all writers. In a regular newsletter, they compile dozens of writing and publishing opportunities for blogs, websites, articles, contests, anthologie, etc. They also publish informative books for writers.

How I Became a Regular Columnist for My Local Newspaper

Everyday Dog Magazine

Originally a print magazine known as Virginia-Maryland-Washington DC Dog, Everyday Dog Magazine is now an online web and social media platform for dog lovers and dog professionals.

Richmond, Virginia, is for Dog Lovers

Pet Preparedness: A Disaster Plan for Dogs

The Village News

Based out of Chester, Virginia, The Village News is published weekly and covers “the stories that mean the most to our readers…. Editorial focuses on school events and news, local sports, community events and announcements, civic groups and club news, local politics, local social issues, and anything that is affecting the daily lives of our readers.”

TDHS grad nets success: Blankenbecler makes name for himself at another Chesterfield school

World traveler: TDHS grad enjoys helping others

Puzzle mania? Chester man builds puzzle magazine

Running helps woman cope with cancer

Faith and gratitude spur Moody to help others

Bradbury a man of many parts: County engineering employee also a chaplain, announcer at L.C. Bird

Preschool teacher enjoys taking care of pets

Art educator overcomes domestic abuse

Local architectural engineer is an artist and writer

In the Alaskan bush: Local reading specialist and son summer up north

From the Alaskan bush to Chester: Former canine TV star, sled dog finds a home

Overcoming adversity: Mother, daughter strengthen each other through running and writing

Vietnam War veteran found humor in darkest hours

Mother Earth Living

Mother Earth Living features articles, tips, tricks, and information for living our best lives in harmony with the natural environment.

Health Benefits of Winter Weather

The Extra Mile

The Extra Mile is powered by The Harford, and features lots of useful information about insurance, as well as about wellness, home, family, and lifestyle.

Six Retirement Hobbies for the Young at Heart

Travel Apps to Download Before Your Next Trip

The Benefits of Volunteering in Retirement

Smart Plate: 10 Foods That Support a Healthy Mind

Surprising Ways to Repurpose 10 Common Kitchen Waste Items

Nine Money-Saving Tactics and Tools to Stay Cool

Your Guide to an Eco-friendly Home

Low-Water Gardening for Dry Climates

10 Unique Towns to Retire to: Part 3

League Blog

League is a health and wellness company that offers some pretty cool benefits and programs. Their blog features all kinds of stories, covering topics ranging from how you can be healthier at work, to how health benefits impact the workplace.

10 Little Workplace Changes That Impact Your Wellness–article on

The Richmond Times-Dispatch

The Times-Dispatch is Virginia’s capital city newspaper. My work has appeared in their “In My Shoes” and “My Life” columns.

Fly Away Home

Finding peace in nature

When snow falls in Richmond

Just spending time together can make a day special

The things I would miss if I slept in 90 minutes later

A little flexibility goes a long way toward happiness

Savor the Sweet

For a Soldier

Finding marriage wisdom in a taxicab trip is an excellent resource for pet parents (like me!). If there’s a dog (or two or three!) in your life, you might want to read the articles below–as well as many others available on

The Benefits of Walking Your Dog

How to Make your Dog Walk Great

Best No-Pull Dog Harnesses

Best Time to Get a Puppy

What You Need to Know About Puppies and Worms

Best Dog Bath Time Products

What to Look for in a Dog Groomer

Bringing a Dog Home to a Cat

Should I Get A Purebred or Mixed Dog? How to Decide

How to Read a Dog’s Body Language

Health Benefits of Dog Ownership

Best Gear for Traveling with Your Dog

Bringing Home a Baby to Your Fur Baby

How to Weather the Winter with Fido

Potty Training your Pup

Finding the Right Dog Walker

Introducing a New Dog to your Current Dog

How to Stop your Dog from Licking its Paws

Gift Guide: The Best Gifts for Dog Parents

Finding the Right Dog Sitter

Dog Food Ingredients: The Basics

How to Get Legal Ownership of Your Dog

Your Guide to the Best Fresh Dog Food Delivery Services

A Raw Diet for Rover: the Basics

Food Breakdown: Dog Food Superingredients

ScoutKnows Insurance Buyer’s Guide

A Sticky Situation: Getting Gum of out Fido’s Fur

The Dog Days of Summer: Keeping your Dog Safe in Hot Weather

Give a Dog a Bone…Maybe Not: What to do if your Dog Eats Chicken Bones

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie: The Best L.L. Bean Dog Beds for your Dog

How Pet Insurance Covers Tumors in the Spleen

Protecting Your Dog’s Health: Vaccination Schedule

The Holliest-Jolliest Christmas Pajamas for your Dog

The Best Dog-Proof Trash Cans

Sweatpants and Coffee

Sweatpants and Coffee is a self-care website that touts itself as being “a bastion of comfort and sanity in an often uncomfortable world.” Their articles are uplifting, informative, and engaging.

The Mountains are Calling

A Split Second of Forever

Out of Touch

Carpe Diem

writeHacker Magazine

Although no longer in circulation, writeHackr was a digital magazine geared towards writers of all kinds.

Nurturing Writers: An Interview with Author Valley Haggard

8 Habits to Develop for Writing Success

Life in 10 Minutes is a writing workshop group in Richmond, Virginia. It’s also a book and a school of writing. It’s inclusive, encouraging, and unifying. The site publishes pieces written in a mere 10 minutes.

How to Eat Dark Chocolate: A Lesson in Living

Spider I: New Beginnings


The Eclipse

The Fear of Elevators

Bozeman Magazine

Bozeman Magazine is both a print and digital publication that features local art and writing.

The Mountains are Calling


This literary magazine is geared for teens and young adults. Though several of my poems have appeared in Cicada, the first literary magazine to feature my writing, only one is available online.

The Roses

The Christian Science Monitor

This independent newspaper is owned by the First Church of Christ, Scientist. It prides itself on fair and balanced presentation of news around the world.

The moon was late to the party

My Trending Stories

In addition to maintaining Mind the Dog Writing Blog, I am a contributor at To read articles I have written related not only to writing, but also to life, life coaching, health and wellness, family, relationships, animals, teaching, etc., please visit my page by clicking here. My bio will be the first thing you see, and if you scroll down, you’ll find my various articles and essays. If you like what you read, please follow my page there, as well!




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