My Book

An Expected End

Heaven is waiting.

The year is 2045, and thanks to an inscrutable form of artificial intelligence, people can enroll in a program that accurately predicts their deathdays. And almost everyone does. 

Marshall Milton moves through this risk-adverse, death-obsessed society alone, his only companion his dog Toby. Penelope Hope’s too busy planning her dream wedding and running her bakery to worry about when she’s going to die.

When Marshall and Penelope’s lives collide, the two find themselves in an inimitable romance. But Penelope’s keeping secrets, secrets that could destroy the love she’s finally found. Secrets that could destroy Marshall. Secrets that, if revealed, could ruin the little life she has left.

An Expected End asks and answers some of the
most important questions of contemporary life
and introduces emotional and unforgettable
characters. Amanda has crafted a timely,
thought-provoking, and touching debut novel.”

–Lesley St. James, Author of The Sweet Scent of Death

“Amanda has conjured an all-too-believable
world where death is no longer a surprise, yet
few have the courage to reckon with their fate.
An Expected End is a heart-piercing meditation
on what it means to be mortal, threaded with
literary allusion and tender melancholy.”

–Melissa Scott Sinclair, Author of It Is Not Night

Coming Fall 2023 from Indignor House