My Book

An Expected End, coming Summer 2023

Heaven is waiting.

What if we knew the day we would die?

What if we could count down the years, months, days?

Penelope Hope and Marshall Milton live in a world where mankind can answer those questions. People can choose to learn the month, day, and year of their deaths. But Penelope wants no parts of it. She wants to live her life without the knowledge of her death looming over her, no matter how many other people choose to learn their deathdays. She holds out longer than most, until her self-centered fiancé, Everett Flach, and her well-meaning best friend, Bea Adams, convince her to “enroll,” and learn her deathday for the sake of her future family. What she learns breaks up her engagement, brings new love into her life, and forces her to make a stark choice: Does she tell her new love, Marshall, the father of her unborn baby, that she will die very soon—and risk losing him the way she lost Everett, or choose for him the ignorant bliss she wanted all along–and break his heart in the process?