Announcing My First-Ever Launch Party!

Several months ago, I learned that a piece I wrote, “Rescued,” inspired by my relationship with my sweet husband (so often my muse), would be included in Nine Lives: The Life in 10 Minutes Anthology. I was, of course, thrilled. I couldn’t wait to pick up my own copy at Chop Suey Books–hold it in my hand. Today, I am even more excited–because the other contributors and I are getting even more than that! The producers and publishers of the book are putting on a launch party at The Visual Arts Center of Richmond in June. How could I have known when I visited VisArts several years ago as part of a course for my master’s degree in creative writing, or attended their open house, or took some glass slumping classes there, that soon, I would be a writer-guest at a launch party there! I have never attended a launch party before, and am so excited to be a part of this one.

Submitting your written work is kind of like fishing–you might not catch anything, but there’s a little thrill in just having your bait in the water.

So, it’s fair to say that I’ve been nearing Cloud 9 with my writing success lately (I think the only thing that could put me there would be finding an agent for my novel). One of my sisters told me today she’s so happy my writing has taken off lately. And I am, too. I just hope it continues. In the spirit of that hope, I submitted nine different pieces–everything from poetry to short stories to essays–to three different publications today. It feels good to have something out there. It’s kind of like fishing–you might not catch anything, but there’s a little thrill in just having your bait in the water.

Several of my friends, my husband, and I participated in a glass slumping workshop at The Visual Arts Center of Richmond back in April. I never would have guessed I’d be attending a launch party there in June!






10 thoughts on “Announcing My First-Ever Launch Party!

  1. Hey! Since you’re so engaged with the Richmond writing and arts community, I was wondering if you’ve crossed paths with an old friend who relocated to the Richmond area several years ago? I know Richmond is a big place, but she is a published author as well; her most famous children’s book is “Mama Provi and the Pot of Rice.”


    1. Hi! I am not familiar with that book (I looked it up on Amazon, though, and it looks cute!) or the author, at least not that I recall. She is a bit more successful than I am, I think, in regards to her writing career (I’m working on it, though!). Do you know if she is a member of any writing organizations in Richmond?

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      1. She was also a contributor to Chicken Soup for the Latino Soul, and Mama Provi was featured on Reading Rainbow back when it was released. Even with the notoriety, writing is not an easy profession, but you seem plenty tenacious. About the writing organizations, we haven’t written in a while, but I’ll ask her.


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