W.O.W Network

PrintThe World of Writing (W.O.W) Network of writer-bloggers is a supportive community of creative individuals interested in promoting and encouraging each others’ literary endeavors. Member bloggers include readers, writers, authors and aspiring authors, and editors from around the country.

If you enjoy this blog, we invite you to visit our members’ blogs as well! You can access them from the links at the bottom of this page.

If you are a blogger interested in becoming a member, please e-mail mindthedogwritingblog@gmail.com or charlydaws@gmail.com.

W.O.W. Network Member Blogs

Mind the Dog Writing Blog, A.S. Creasey

Mind the Dog Writing Blog features book lists, author interviews, writing tips, writing prompts, and a documentation of the blogger’s personal novel-writing experience as she lives it–all the while incorporating cute stories and pictures of her two biggest fans: the dogs who run her life.

Write. Revise. Repeat., Charlene Jimenez

Write. Revise. Repeat. focuses on the writer’s life, writing resources, and what Charlene’s learned from her own writing experiences and as a creative writing professor. Writing isn’t a destination. It’s a journey, and it requires writing, revising, and then repeating. In addition to the link above, find Write.Revise.Repeat on Facebook and Pinterest.

LitRALLY highlights all the fun parts of books and reading. This blog features mostly book reviews and throws in fun commentary along the way. Watch out! You might just want to read something we recommend!

Writing the Wave

*Information Coming Soon.*

W.O.W Membership Requirements

Once a blog has been granted membership in W.O.W., in order to maintain that status, the following requirements must be met. Members of W.O.W are required to:

  1. include this exact page in its original wording (as seen here) on its own page on their blog
  2. publish posts to their blog at least once a month
  3. provide links to all other members’ blogs on the homepage of their blog and this page
  4. update this page and their homepage to reflect new member blogs as they join, providing links to these blogs on this page, as well as their homepage
  5. update this page and their homepage to reflect withdrawn member blogs as they withdraw, deleting links from this page, as well as their homepage
  6. notify all other members if they plan to withdraw membership or cease maintaining their blog
  7. include the W.O.W logo on the homepage of their blog for the duration of their membership, removing it in the event of membership withdrawal or ????firing???? or the cessation of the blog
  8. maintain a blog focused on reading, writing, editing, proofreading, technical writing, journalism, or a related field
  9. adhere to laws regarding obscenity and pornography, and maintain polite and respectful discourse.



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