Hello! Thank you for stopping by Mind the Dog Writing Blog, a W.O.W. Network blog. My dogs and I are so happy you’re here.

I’m a graduate of Michigan State University, where I earned my undergraduate degree in German, with a minor in English, and have been a high school English teacher since 2006. During my time in this role, I have advised the high school yearbook (2008-2013) and resurrected the high school’s literary magazine with my fellow W.O.W blogger, Thomas Brandon, as well as advised the German Club.

In 2013, I completed a Master’s of Liberal Studies in Arts and Culture with a concentration in Creative Writing at University of Denver, allowing me to expand my teaching role to a college-level dual enrollment course called College Composition.

My work has appeared on Lifein10minutes.com, and in The Richmond Times-Dispatch, The Christian Science Monitor, and Cicada. Currently, I am working on the completion of my first novel, tentatively titled Goodbye for Now.

The dogs who give this blog its name have been with me through all three (and counting, no doubt) drafts–curling up by my side as I type away hour after hour, creating characters who sometimes seem as real to me as my own friends and family, and places inspired by my current hometown in Virginia. You will get to know my canine companions quite well if you stick with me throughout my blogging and novel-writing journey; they will be featured regularly  as they continue to support my writing endeavors–and remind me when it’s time for a walk, a treat, or some backyard playtime.

My two sweet dogs, who give this blog its name 



13 thoughts on “About

  1. I read your”My Life” column in the paper today.
    Wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it.
    I always try to thank veterans for their service when I come in contact with them.
    I was in the National Guard back in the 70’s and I remember how all service people were treated very badly.
    Jim Briinkley

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    1. Mr. Brinkley,
      I so appreciate your service, and your kind comment here regarding my column in today’s paper. You really cannot imagine what both mean to me. Thank you for taking the time to not only read my piece, but also to find me here and comment. I know a little of how service people were treated in that time period from various pieces I have read (one of my favorite being Tim O’Brien’s The Things They Carried), as well as from stories I have heard about my great uncle, who was drafted during Vietnam.


  2. I have read your column 3 times over the course of the day. It truly touched me, and got me to realize how many times these opportunities to show gratitude to veterans, and others who have needs, simply pass me by without stopping and acting. Thank you for your honest and fresh writing, and your actions, that has stirred my soul this day.
    Rob McClintock

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    1. Mr. McClintock,
      I cannot tell you how much your sweet comment has touched me. Truly, it reinforces my reason to write–to reach and to touch others. I feel humbled and honored and thrilled to know that I have achieved this with you. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my piece, as well as to reach out to me here.


      1. Last year, during the late summer, NPR did a piece about the “sounds where you live.” It was something like, “Daybreak Where you Are…” Something like that. Listeners sent in soundbites. It was pretty cool!

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      1. A week or two ago I was walking my dogs and a young boy told me he liked them. I said, “Thank you. So do I!” and he started cracking up. Your response, “I agree!”, reminds me of that. 🙂

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